Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well, I loved the piece I made yesterday so much that I decided to make another one. This one is the same style and technique. The only difference is that I used a gallery wrapped canvas for the base instead of a canvas board. This allowed me to wrap the clay around the canvas. I just love it. The threes were transfered onto an old hymnal page. The song on the page is A Spring Morning. It was perfect for this image of the two trees.
I just had one of those moments where your heart stops beating and you realize what could have happened. I came home after picking up both kids from school and running to the store to get something for dinner. When we walked in I heard the sound of my cat screaming. It was muffled but very loud considering I heard it over the kids talking and running around. It was not hard to find her. She was outside!!!!!!! Actually, she was at the back window looking in the house. She had to have sneaked out when I had the door open for the dogs earlier. She has NEVER ever gone outside with the door open before. She is of course, an only inside girl. And I must admit, I baby her quite a bit. Mostly because she really only loves me out of everyone and because of her terrible past.
We got her when she was only 8 weeks old. But when she was 6 weeks old, she was found bound by her back legs tied to the ceiling of a basement being used as bait for a dog fight. Terrible, I know. She is a happy girl for the most part. Sometimes her back legs don't work very well and give out when she runs. And unlike other cats, she cannot jump very high. She can jump on the bed to snuggle at night but can't jump on things that are high like countertops. I also have to have a very unusual set up with the cat box. Often times she thinks that she is in it but in reality her little back side is hanging out of the box. So you can imagine the mess and smell that I often deal with on a daily basis.
But besides all of the bad things, she is a really happy go lucky girl. She is tolerant of the kids and the dogs. So, my heart would be broken if she would have run off. I guess she knows to stay close to home. Thank you Lord for taking care of her when I was careless!


Jo McQueen said...

Alisha, I saw your canvas using poly clay on Art-e-zine and have a question. Do you leave the clay on the canvas when you bake the clay or do you take it off before pressing the rubber stamp in it, putting it on something else to stamp it and then bake it? I love the idea. Thanks Jo McQueen www.thequeensdresserdrawers.com and www.thequeensdresserdrawers.blogspot.com

Donna said...

This is amazing, love the effect of the clay. Wish I knew how to do it!! Fabulous canvas.