Monday, April 21, 2008

Mixed Media Mondays - Hats

Here is my little piece for hats. I love this picture. This little thing looks like she is shopping for her new Sunday hat. Too cute.
I am back but things are still pretty hectic. The kids had a great time staying with the neighbors but now are settling down into our weekly routine. But, we have to start gearing up for the next trip which is in two weeks. It will be Cody's business trip. So, more work less play.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby in Bathtub

I finished this little piece today. It is only 4" by 4" but it is adorable. I just love this picture of the baby in the bathtub. Too cute. I have this listed in my etsy store.
Things are starting to get busy here at our house. We have a few trips planned over the next few weeks so I am probably going to be quiet for a while. I also got a new camera that is going to be a challenge to learn to use. I am going to have to study the book for a while.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mixed Media Mondays - Girls and Dolls

I have been pretty busy lately with kiddo stuff ie... soccer and school testing. We are going outta town this weekend to Cody's alumni reunion. That should be a lot of fun but more traveling. In a few weeks we have his anual business trip. It is my chance to be the good business wife ( which I stink at ).
But, I did get to participate in the MMM challenge. My mom got the honor of hosting and picking the theme. Girls and dolls. So this is the little piece that I did. It is a 6" by 6" cradled canvas . The glue is not quite dry but I was anxious to put it up.