Thursday, January 10, 2013

Custom Pet/Animal Canvas Art

This is a custom 12" by 12" canvas.  I used different personal information about this adorable dog to tell his story.  I have included when he was adopted, some of his characteristics, his name and his breed.  I love the poem at the top.  It is such a good description about how people feel about their animals.  I have also added some pictures of this little guy when he was first adopted.  Then his photo was transfered over the top.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baseball Canvas for JAX

Well, I was pretty busy over Christmas.  Here is another canvas for family.  My brother as a teenager posing for a baseball pick.  11" by 17"
I also try to always do something a little comical for him too.  This was a quick weekend project that actually went over really well.  Lumberjack JAX.

New Canvases of my Kids

Having fun making some 12" by 18" canvases of both my kids.  These are for my parents' new house.