Sunday, January 20, 2008

Little Clay Bird with Flourishes

I just absolutely love these little birdies. I did one like this not too long ago and everytime I looked at it, it gave me a little smile. It is just one of those feel good pieces. So, when it sold, I just had to made another one. This one has some white die cut flourishes that I designed and cut out. They add a nice touch to the piece. Anyway, this little guy is going to be put on etsy tonight.
It is 4" by 4" gallery wrapped. The bird is made out of polymer clay and then dyed with inks and paints and assembled onto the canvas. I should have taken a side shot of it because it is dimensional.


jewelwing said...

I just love this little bird. I can see how it would compel you to make another. I also love the floursh. Really lovely piece.

Linda said...

I bought one of these little birds from you. Got it last week. I LOVE it!!!! Why doesn't Glenda have comments on her blog?