Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing up my bookcover background

I am having a lot of fun making this bookcover and all of the techniques that are in the book that we are working out of.  I think that when I get a book I dig through it too fast and don't catch all the goodies that can be found inside.  I think that is why this challenge is so great because it is encouraging me to go through the book slower. 
Here is my progress so far...
I have decided to lay ribbon and cording over the top of my bookcover to bring all of the colors together.  I am stitching over the top using some metallic copper thread in a zig-zag stitch.
So, here is my zig-zag work.  I know, my stitches are not very straight which is highly annoying but, I have decided to leave it because my next step will cover some of this.  I have a couching foot which I will DEFINITELY use next time I use this technique. 
Here is my next technique which I have fallen in absolute love...
I have used acrylic, black felt purchased from my local craft store.  In my embroidery software, I have created a border using one of the decorative buttonhole stitches on a repeat design.  I had never thought of doing this until I saw it in this book.  Love it.  Oh, and I stitched it in that same metallic copper thread that I used earlier.  Then I used my heat gun and melted some of the felt down to create this lacy looking border.  Then stitched it onto my bookcover.

My next goal is to make some cording to wrap around and create some kinda closure.  Maybe add a tassel.  Don't know yet. 

You can head on over to mom's blog at Glenda Bailey's Blog to check out her progress.  She is about as far along as I am which is funny because I have a tendency to work a lot faster than her.  She is making a beautiful lacy bookcover.  It will be awesome to see how different ours are in the end.

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