Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Embroidering onto Fabric Paper

It is always fun to take supplies that I already have and use them together in a new way. Several years ago I scrimped and saved to purchase an embroidery machine. One of the best purchases that I have made ever!

I have these very skinny walls in between the windows in my "room". I found some canvases that fit perfectly just had to decided what to put on them.
So, I made some paper fabric, embroidered the letters onto it and mounted it onto the canvases. Turned out really nice. And I was really surprised how easy the embroidery machine worked on the paper fabric. I "babysat" the machine the whole time it ran worrying that it might get mad about stitching on such a foreign thing, but it worked out fine. I am going to have to explore this a little more.

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