Friday, June 6, 2008

Banner for my little one

I have found myself increasingly uncreative lately. I am not sure why. At first I contributed it to being gone for a week and out of my rountine. Now, I am not so sure. So, I have decided to switch gears and do something different. Two years ago I saved up and got an embroidery machine. I use it extensively during the holiday season for teacher's gift and such. I have had so many ideas running around in my head. Stuff to do for the kid's rooms and clothing. So, this is my first change in course. I created a banner for Alexis' room using some scrap fabric that I had laying around. Then I streamed it over her window valance. She was so excited about it. I think I need to center it a little better but, I was just too excited to see it up and take a pic. I am anxiously awaiting the final name for our new little neighbor so, I can make one for him too (hint, hint Dambers).

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