Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18

We have still been pretty busy around here. Feels a little crazy. One thing that is over is soccer. I have to admit that I am a little sad that we don't have a game to go to tomorrow. Bailey has already started asking when the next season will start. He is going to miss it this summer.
I have uploaded pics of a canvas that I just finished today. And I actually took these before the glue was completely dry. I used the clay technique that I discovered. I really love the way that this has turned out. The saying is, "Sometimes it is not enough to just walk forward, you must open a door." This inspires me as a mom, artist and Christian. So many times I walk along day to day feeling like I accomplished everything that needed to be done and it feels finished. But then I have days where everything was done but I see missed opportunities that I wish that I would have taken. I should have opened the door. This canvas expresses that for me. I have added a key to the wooden dowel, "we have been given the keys of the kingdom"

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easyjourney said...

That is a beautiful book! I have yet to do any clay on my own, only in classes, *sigh* too many great crafts not enough time! The quote is great and love that door, this has an artifact feel to it, like you dug it from a tomb. TFS sunshine and smiles from Florida, Astrid