Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

Things have been pretty busy ( hectic ) around here in the past couple of weeks. With the end of the school year and all of the activites associated with that and other committments. I have not had a lot of time to create and when I do, I am working on several pieces that I have been commissioned to make for a gallery. We did make time to go to the lake for a picnic this weekend. The ducks came running to see if we would feed them. Alexis loved them. In the pic, I am trying to tell her not to be too couragous and throw the bread. She wanted to hand it to them. The other two pics are of the school program we went to last night. Both kiddos go to a Spanish immersion school. Bailey's class performed the Mariachi Loco. It was hilarious. I made all of the embellishments for their pants. Took me three days to make 140 of them. I don't want to see mariachi pants again for a very long time. Bailey was excited to get to introduce his class. He kept winking at me. It was so funny. I can't believe that my baby is graduating kindergarten.

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