Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16

Mom and I have been playing around with a new technique. I made these canvases using this technique. I really like the way that they have turned out. I used a picture of Bailey for the 8" by 10" canvas. I am going to make one with Alexis' picture too. They will make a perfect Father's Day gift for Cody. He can take them to work and hang them in his office. The angels, well, I have always loved angel images. I have soooo many stamps with angel images. I always seem to gravitate toward them when working on a project.


Rikelle said...

I just found your site and wanted to let you know how beautiful your artwork is. I am also amazed at how copious your work is considering your small children. I have four and seem to never get any art done so your site is inspiring to get going. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Sandy said...

Hi Alisha

I agree about the angels and the work you did on the canvas is very cool.

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. May I link you?

Sandy at

easyjourney said...

Alisha, these pieces are beautiful and your son adorable! TFS Astrid