Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alternative photo processes and transfers

I am so thankful that the weather is starting to change to cooler temperatures.  It means that I can start the darkroom up again.  I love just going in there and closing the door and turning the red light on.  I took stock today of what needed to be ordered for developing and processing.  Can't wait.

So, a while ago my mom gave me some really nice wood blocks to play with as I wished.  They sat in my studio for a long time because, I was just not sure what direction to go in with them.  Well, I finally broke them out today.  I have used a photo of an old Ford pickup that is in a storage unit right by our house.  I loved all of the rust on it so, I took several photos from different directions.  I have put it onto the wood block and played around with it after it was onto the wood - blending and oil paint.   I am considering giving it to a family member whose name is Ford!

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